Beautiful Ways to Display Vintage Books

Written by Jenni Szafranski


Posted on March 27 2019

I've always had a love for old paper; Especially old books.. The worn edges, faded words and that smell...!

Have you ever noticed the aroma old books have? Slightly musty, slightly dank and soooo good!

I know this probably makes me a big weirdo - But, I'm ok with that..

vintage books displayed beautifully on a wood tray

Vintage books have amazing character as well! As with a lot of old books, the covers have come off or are at least falling off.. And I'll definitely admit to pulling a few off from time-to-time. There is such a raw tattered beauty in the spines of these books.

"History is whispered through worn edges. Unscripted authenticity".

vintage books stacked between chippy white book ends

Vintage books add loads of texture and interest to your decor. And since they're cover-less, they're perfectly neutral!

You'll find old books displayed all over our home.. Just don't mind me if I walk near a stack and sniff... ;)

antique hymnal book laid open for display on a white desk

I'd love to know if you use vintage books in your home decor! Leave me a comment telling me how...

Have a blessed day!




  • Old books and worn furniture… my favourite vintage💕

    Posted by Joan | March 29, 2019
  • Love old books and everything about them🥰

    Posted by Cathy Guess | March 27, 2019
  • Love old books and everything they represent🥰

    Posted by Cathy Guess | March 27, 2019
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