Farmhouse Pantry, Vintage Jars and Free Label Printables

Written by Jenni Szafranski


Posted on January 22 2020

Don't you just love an organized pantry?! I'm not the most organized person, but my pantry tends to be where I focus the few organizational skills I have.. With feeding our crew of kiddos I need these staples to be quick and easy to grab. Since I want to keep with a more rustic look/feel, I use a lot of vintage jars. I especially love the eclectic look of grouping all the various vintage jars I find together. I love when I can find the gallon sized jars with their original zinc lid! Zinc lids are my favorite, and definitely add to that farmhouse feel.

Keep in mind that if you use old zinc lids, they don't always seal well - Which can be a problem with not keeping your pantry goods as fresh. I have not had an issue with this because I tend to go through my stores before anything would get stale.

I love to bake bread and I use a lot of legumes and grains in our meals. And of course there's a lot of preserving done in this kitchen throughout the summer. This space gets a lot of use. Seeing the jars all lined up with pretly labels makes me happy and feel at least somewhat organized in the ciaos of raising four active teenagers.

Speaking of pretty labels; I couldn't find ones I liked online and that had all the (somewhat) unusual things I keep in my pantry. So, I decided to make my own. I've made it into a free downloadable pdf for you to use too! These labels are great for that old general store feel and I'm excited to share them with you.

I printed my labels onto kraft paper (you can find this easily at Hobby Lobby or Michael's) and cut them out. Just use a hole punch on the four corners to create that vintage label look. I used a hot glue gun to adhere the label to the jars. This works great and if you ever want to change out the label, the hot glue just peels off the jar!

I hope you've enjoyed this little pantry tour and let me know below if you grab the labels! I think you'll find some unusual items on those labels and I'd love to know what you think! :) Jenni


Get your free downloadable labels here:





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