Gearing Up For Spring Planting with Homemade Fertilizer

Written by Jenni Szafranski


Posted on April 04 2019

I have always been an avid gardener. My dad was a horticulturist and I grew up surrounded by plants and dirt.. There is something very grounding (pun intended) and zen-like when digging in soil.

houseplants next to vintage white desk with antique books

One thing I have found that really helps the plants stay healthy and green is regular fertilizing. I make my own out of ordinary items you'd normally throw away.. You won't believe how easy it is!

egg shells and coffee grounds in mason jars to make fertilizer

Start by saving the eggshells from your morning breakfast.. I like to leave them in the carton so they stay refrigerated until I've used up the whole dozen. Then its time to crush them.

natural broken egg shells

Also, save a couple days worth of used coffee grounds. If you have a quart mason jar; One dozen eggs and two coffee filters full of grounds fit well.

Simply combine the coffee grounds and crushed eggshells in the quart jar and fill with water. Try to avoid using tap water as the chlorine is not good for the plants. A natural spring water would work well or you could always collect rain water - We capture rain water from our downspouts to use to water our garden.

homemade fertilizer in mason jars with vintage zinc lids

After you screw on the lid, give your jar a good shake. Now all there is to do is wait... You'll want to let the mixture "cook" for a good month before using it. It is also best to keep it in a cool dark place - It helps inhibit mold growth. The jar on the right (above) I've had going for over a year and the one on the left is newly started. You can keep topping off the jar as the water gets low. You'll use just one to two tablespoons of the "tea" per plant depending on it's size. I usually fertilize my houseplants one a month. 

Ground eggshells provide your plants with calcium which helps a plant build strong cell walls throughout the stems and the used coffee grounds promote healthy microorganisms to thrive in the soil. Coffee grounds also attract earthworms, so save them often and sprinkle around your garden plants.

eggshells with coffee grounds and a houseplant to demonstrate how to make homemade fertilizer

I hope you give homemade fertilizer a try and please let me know if you do! Oh, and one last tip - You might want to hold your nose when you open the jar.. ;)




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