Vintage Kitchen Box - Limited Edition

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All the things your grandmother had, you didn't know you'd want one day..

These Vintage Kitchen boxes are one of our most popular items and here's why; the kitchen is the heart of the home and vintage pieces like these bring in a feeling of nostalgia - It adds a comfort and coziness to a kitchen reminiscent of how our grandmothers made it feel..

Boxes will include vintage mason jars, old spice boxes/tins and various other Vintage kitchen goodies such as rolling pins, wooden spoons, tablecloths and more...

Vintage Kitchen items are so fun to display!

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Customer Reviews

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Vintage kitchen

A nice variety of items and one of them ( a sifter with green handles was especially nice because I collect green handled kitchen tools!


Vintage Kitchen Box - Limited Edition

Box Full of of Joy!

I love the contents of the box! I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, and I enjoy staging antique ideas throughout my home so this box was perfect for my tastes. I look forward to another box of wonderful, antique surprises!